Zoning Change Request US 1

This is an update on the proposed zoning change request on US 1. The next meeting will be held on July 18, 2013 at the Martin County Admin. Office on Monterey Rd.

Arbors Letter to Local Planning Agency

Rte One Rezoning  a report from an attendee of the Notice of Hearing.

More background:

The following email was received by the board regarding a recent zoning change request. The supporting documents can be reviewed by clicking on the following PDF links.

Request for zoning change

Staff Report re Zoning Change


Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 2:37 PM
Subject: Zoning Change at US1

Good afternoon SBMMA members!

I’m Brandon Woodward, the President of the Oaks Homeowner’s Association, and I need to share some information with you.

Please find attached a Notice of Hearing for a zoning change at Seabranch Boulevard and US1

The parcel is the 33 undeveloped acres on the east side, directly across from Seabranch Square and The Oaks.

The developer is seeking the RM-8 designation, which would allow multi-family residential with buildings as high as 4 stories.

Bottom line: RM-8 means apartment complex,  up to 8 units per acre. (33 acres x 8 =  possible 272 units)

The Oaks Board, and our Members are stridently against this development, so are Heritage Ridge and Mariner Sands.

Would you please take a moment to skim these documents to become familiar with what’s going on?

I am not trying to stir anybody up (my Members do that on their own) but my Oaks may be looking at a fight this summer that would certainly impact the SBBMA member communities.  Heritage Ridge and Mariner Sands are opposed as well.

If you or your residents want to attend, of course they would be welcome, and your support would definitely appreciated by The Oaks.

Thursday, May 16, 2013,

I’ll have a follow-up in a week or so.  I have some other docs, if you want to see them. I’ll try to answer questions as I can.

Best Wishes,


Brandon V. Woodward


The Law Office of Brandon Woodward, P.A.