Proposed Route One Zoning Change/Development


Proposed Route One Zoning Change/Development

Avalon Ventures


Avalon Ventures hosted a presentation to representatives of the nearby communities, including the Arbors and the other Seabranch associations, on Wednesday July 10. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce and provide details of their proposed project and entertain questions. Each of the nearby communities was invited to send two representatives. I and Tom Lepore appeared on behalf of the Arbors. Following is a summary of the project.

The project site consists of about 34 acres on the east side of Route One, extending from Seabranch Boulevard south to the Heritage Ridge driving range. The property is currently zoned for agricultural use, but the Comprehensive Plan of 1982 calls for the property to be zoned Medium Density Residential.

The developer is requesting RM6 Zoning, reportedly consistent with the Comp Plan designation. He is proposing the construction of 198 residential units, consisting of 74 duplex coach homes within 37 buildings and 124 traditional condo units within four buildings. The coach homes would be single story with driveways and garages. The condo units would be two stories of living space over parking below, with a maximum building height of 35 feet. The number of units proposed is consistent with the zoning sought. The developer believes that the prices of the units will range from about $200,000 to $300,000+.

There will be one roadway into/out of the project, and it will be on Route One toward the southern end of the site, about 1400 feet south of Seabranch Boulevard. They are proposing a new left turn lane in on Route One southbound and a new right turn lane in northbound. Traffic exiting the complex will be right turn (northbound) only, thereby requiring a U-turn at Seabranch Blvd. for those wishing to head south on Route One. The developer reported that he had received preliminary approval from FDOT for this proposal.

The developer plans to appear before the LPA (Local Planning Agency) on July 18, 7pm at the Martin County Administration Building on Monterey Road, just south of Ocean Blvd. Note that it was previously reported that he would NOT appear at this meeting. Reportedly, he will make a presentation of the current project concept, but will not seek LPA endorsement at this meeting. Instead, he stated that they will request a 60 day continuance so that the County staff can complete their review of the engineering and environmental aspects of the plans. The public is invited to attend this meeting of July 18 and comment.

The review and evaluation process requires that the applicant appear before the LPA for initial review and recommendations (the LPA is advisory only), with final approval/rejection by the Board of County Commissioners at a subsequent public meeting. Dates of these later meetings have yet to be set.

Tom Tully