Security Camera System Update

Security Camera System Update


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the security camera system has been refurbished and updated. It is now fully functioning as was intended.

As a result of this refurbishment, a new feature has been added that wasn’t available before.  Now, any resident may choose to view in real time the activities being captured by the security camera system.  To some extent, this updated system may act as Channel 63 formerly did and provide the capability to residents to view those who dial their code at either the front or rear gates.

The camera feeds may be viewed on a personal computer, a tablet device, or any type of smart phone. Those that want access by way of a personal computer must use Windows Internet Explorer as their web browser. Access is not possible with other internet platforms such as Firefox.

Two sets of access instructions follow; one for use with a Personal Computer (PC), the other for use with a tablet or smart phone.

It should be noted that the camera refurbishment was a project undertaken by an ad-hoc committee under the auspices of the ARCC, with Frank Adley and Ed Frederick as Co-Chairs. The large majority of the work was performed by Ed with the capable and generous assistance of Walter Hanner, and included:

  • Replacing damaged wiring
  • Installing new state of the art cameras
  • Selecting, modifying and installing a new equipment cabinet
  • Installing a new DVR
  • Optimizing performance at front and rear gates
  • Creating a comprehensive user’s manual for the entire system
  • Conducting tutorials for BOD and committee members
  • Making a public presentation at a recent BOD meeting

This was a major and very successful effort, and the Board, on behalf of the entire community, wishes to thank the above for an outstanding contribution to the Arbors.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Tully