Financial Reports and Voting Reminder

The January 2014 Financial Reports are posted:

Voting Reminder

You have recently received your mailing containing voting materials for:

BOD Candidates


The Litigation Amendment

Please do not ignore this package. It is critical that you vote on both issues. You can vote either in person at the annual meeting of March 6, 7:00pm at the Arbors office, or by mailing in your proxy forms and ballot. Last year, there was so little attention paid to the vote that we barely had a quorum even including the proxies returned. Had we not achieved a quorum, there would have been no annual meeting, no directors elected and an incomplete Board.

The Litigation Committee and Board have worked hard to develop procedures intended to insure that all aspects of a potential lawsuit are thoroughly vetted by numerous impartial residents and experts before filing. This will certainly help prevent ill-advised legal actions and runaway lawsuits. You should vote “Yes” to put this amendment in our governing documents.

The candidates work hard for this community and need your vote even if unopposed as the annual meeting must have a quorum present in person or by proxy for a vote to count and for the amendment to pass.

Please vote!

Be sure to send in your proxy forms and ballot unless you are absolutely certain to attend the annual meeting. The Proxy Return Envelope should contain both your ballot for Candidates and the executed Limited Proxy form dealing with the proposed amendment.


Thank you,

The Arbors Board of Directors