Poinciana Gardens

No More Boggers?

I am pleased to report that, for the first time in the history of the Arbors, there is real hope that the mud-bogging, 4×4 racing and other disturbances within the vacant land behind Poinciana Gardens may come to an end.

A bit of background……….

This past week I met with Sheriff Bill Snyder and three of his top staff regarding the disturbances emanating from Poinciana Gardens. This meeting had been scheduled for some time. I spoke to him on behalf of the Arbors, all five of the other residential communities on Seabranch Boulevard, and McArthur Golf Club which adjoins the subject property to the south. Before the meeting was arranged, I had collected the endorsement of these entities in actions to curtail the disturbances. I had also previously spoken to residents and Board members of Poinciana Gardens to confirm their displeasure with what has been happening on the adjacent property to their west.

I am happy to report that Sheriff Snyder personally pledged major efforts to halt the mud-bogging and other activities on that property. He promised a continuing long-term and multi-faceted effort. Sheriff’s deputies will turn away the many vehicles which until now had routinely made use of the property even though it is privately owned land and they have no right to be there. Warnings will be given initially and arrests will be made. The deputies will be there at all hours on a random and varying basis so as to intercept those who were used to coming on a certain schedule. Berms will be constructed, trees planted and barriers installed to further deter access. He also stated that the MCSO will publicize the closure of the area. Shortly after the meeting, he appeared and was interviewed on this topic by WPTV, Channel 5, and publically proclaimed the end of mud bogging, etc. by trespassers on this property. The closure has also been publicized in print form and on the internet.

Sheriff Snyder also expressed interest in having MCSO representatives address our community on this and other topics of interest. I accepted this offer on behalf of the Arbors and the Sheriff’s reps are scheduled to attend our next BOD meeting of Thursday, June 5.

Sheriff Snyder’s commitment is far beyond anything we have heard in the past and is the first real hope to end this problem which has plagued the Arbors, particularly those residents who live on western Mammoth Drive, for a very long time. Hopefully, his department will follow through over the long term, and with the public statements the Sheriff made, it will be hard not to. I strongly urge residents of the Arbors to show their appreciation of these efforts by attending the Board meeting of June 5th and hearing the presentation by the Sheriff’s department. I’m sure it will be an interesting and informative program. Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend. The meeting will be at the Arbors office within Seabranch Square Shopping Center, adjacent to the FedEx shipping center.

Tom Tully
The Arbors Village Association