April 2014 Financial Reports and News Items

The April 2014 Financial Reports are available:  https://arborsvillage.wordpress.com/financial-reports/



This is a reminder that representatives of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office will address residents of The Arbors this coming Thursday, June 5, 7pm, at the Arbors office in the Seabranch Square Shopping Center. The address will immediately precede a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

You are undoubtedly aware that the MCSO has undertaken a major initiative to rein in the mud-bogging and disturbances which have plagued our community for so many years from the vacant property to the west of Poinciana Gardens. Their efforts have been remarkably successful. This is your chance to hear the details of that program and other items of interest to the Arbors.

More importantly – this is your opportunity to say THANK YOU to the Sheriff and let him know that we are both grateful for his commitment and efforts, and hopeful that they will continue as needed. Show up, applaud, and let them know that they have our support and gratitude.

Tom Tully


Below is an email sent by the President of The Falls at Lost Lake to its members. As stated therein, attempted burglary is still a threat in the area. If you see any suspicious activity in The Arbors, call the Sheriff’s office immediately.

Tom Tully

Email to Lost Lake residents:


Attn:  Falls Residents

Last night a resident reported seeing a strange car in the neighborhood around 9:00 pm and got the license plate number.  Also, around the same time, the alarm went off in one residence.  Further inspection found a pool screen door had been forced.   A call to the Sheriff and subsequent check of the license plate number revealed the car was a rental from Dade County.   We are not sure the two incidents were connected as the car was gone by the time the Deputy had arrived and checked neighborhood streets.

I want to again remind residents to call the Sheriff at 911 if you see any suspicious vehicles or people in The Falls.   Don’t wait, it is better to get them checked out before other potential problems occur.  In addition, the word will get out that The Falls calls the Sheriff which will serve to deter any further would be burglars.

Thank you,

Bill Schmidt, President LLPOA

Lost Lake Property Owners Association

The Falls at Lost Lake