Oak Leaves


The oak trees in the Arbors are an evergreen species, but will continually drop leaves starting in late December and continuing until the end of February.  During this period sprinklers and rain showers will float those leaves down the street gutters toward the storm drains.  Many of the leaves will wash into the drains, but others will form small leaf dams along the gutters and large dams on the grates over the storm drains, blocking the flow of water and creating the potential for flooding during heavy rain.  Additionally, those leaves which fall into the drains will collect in the pipes with other debris and reduce the flow of water, a situation which can lead to significant street flooding from storms during the hurricane season.

The Arbors Board of Directors requests the assistance of all residents to periodically inspect the street gutters in front of their property and remove any leaves that have accumulated.  Many residents have asked their lawn maintenance people to ensure the leaves are swept up and this appears to be a successful solution for those who prefer to not do it themselves.

Periodically removing the leaves during the two month period when they are shed provides two benefits for us.  First, the potential for street flooding is greatly reduced during heavy rain.  Second, keeping as many leaves as possible out of the storm drains will increase the interval for cleaning those drains, which will reduce the cost for the Arbors residents.  The assistance of all the homeowners will be greatly appreciated.