Withdrawal from Election

Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I herewith withdraw my candidacy for a position on the Arbors Board of Directors. I urge all residents to vote for and support the remaining candidates, namely Ray Stewart and Bob Lee. Both individuals are highly qualified and eager to serve, and would be valuable members of the Arbors Board. I have every confidence that the Board going forward will be more than capable of providing sound guidance to the community.

Please don’t think that you needn’t vote because there are now only two candidates for two open Board positions. Your proxy and ballot are needed to establish a quorum at the annualmeeting. Without a quorum, there can be no meeting and no business conducted, so PLEASE VOTE BY MAIL if you will not be attending the annual meeting.

It has been my pleasure to serve the Arbors and I thank all residents for the outstanding support and understanding you have shown me during my tenure.

With best wishes to all,

Tom Tully