Preserving Original Standards & Intent

September 1, 2016
Dear Neighbors and Fellow Homeowners,

We have all chosen to live in a wonderful and beautiful community.  By careful and conscious design, established years ago in the early planning stages of the Arbors, we now enjoy the fruits of that forethought.

At every turn we are surrounded by the natural beauty and coherent intelligence of a master plan.  This plan not only assures our ever increasing property values but the serenity and cohesiveness of our quiet enclave.

While we all tacitly agree to some degree of shared values, we also revel in the independent expression of individuality.  Every home is different from the other and every landscape is the personal reflection of each homeowner’s imagination and creativity.

Pride of place, pride of community is what we all have in common.  It is this collective unconscious and the tenets of the covenants that permit us to sustain and preserve the original standards and intent of The Arbors.

Recently, the Board has encountered homeowners who wish to seek exemption from established rules and requirements.  These disparate changes will gradually and ultimately erode the standards of the community  and the value of our homes.

The Board would like to assure The Arbors community that we will vigorously uphold the agreement we have all signed.  Personalized exceptions that dilute and detract from the common good cannot be permitted.

Our intent is to preserve the look and feel of The Arbors to our mutual benefit.  We welcome your understanding and support.

Bob Lee

 Board Members:  Rick Deluga, Bob Colonnese, Jan Rittberger & Ray Stewart