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Friendly Reminder

Hello Neighbors,

It is springtime, and most of us like to make changes to our landscaping, give our homes a new coat of paint, renew our driveways, etc. However, before we proceed, an ARCC form must be submitted and APPROVED, before work may commence!

Please submit your applications at least 10 days prior to the ARCC committee meetings, which are held the 1st. Tuesday of every month for approval.

By all means,  please fill the ARCC form out correctly to eliminate doing it twice and being rejected.
Thank you.

Your Arbors Board of Directors

Burn Canceled

Good Afternoon Everyone,

The burn is canceled for tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

The new weather update has the winds now out of the west all day

Martin Harn
Senior Forest Ranger
Florida Forest Service

Controlled Burn Thursday

We have been advised, the FFS is planning on Thursday, February 9, 2017 to burn.

There is south winds predicted for that day.  Of course there can be weather changes but it’s looking like a go for Thursday.

We will have a test burn at the Teton cul-de-sac around 9:30 am.

Controlled Burn Scheduled

We have just been notified by the Florida Forest Service of a very possible date to perform the controlled burn in our preserves.

The date is the week of February 5, 2017; weather permitting.

Please realize this is a tentative date and is subject to weather and wind conditions.

We will keep you posted if any further notification is relayed to us.

Arbors Board of Directors

Excessive Speed on Arbors Streets

To Our Residents,

Recently we have received complaints about people speeding and driving erratically in our community. As a reminder to all residents and guests, the speed limit in the Arbors is 25 mph!

Also, as you all are aware, many of our residents have young children who play in the streets, many people ride their bikes, walk dogs and exercise and are in the streets at all times.

As a common courtesy to everyone in the Arbors please drive safely and observe the speed limit.

Thank you,

The Arbors Board of Directors